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NEW OUTDOOR DECOR PRODUCT: 100% recycled plastic outdoor furniture from Canadian company Cascades

For the past six months, the Cascades’ e-boutique has been offering eco enthusiasts and trendy décor fans eco friendly products that deliver appealing design and environmental friendliness. This month, the Cascades’ e-boutique unveils three new pieces of recycled plastic outdoor furniture, a versatile garden bench, a durable patio table, and an on-trend Adirondack chair.


Adirondak 1Adirondack Chair
Made of 100% recycled plastic, the Adirondack chair from the Cascades Urbain DesignMC series is perfect for spending evenings with family or friends around a fireplace, or simply soaking up some summer sun! It also boasts an ergonomic design for an extremely comfortable fit.

A fantastic accessory for the back yard, patio deck or cottage, this chair is built tough to withstand all of our Canadian seasons. Available in olive green, walnut or sand ($340 and $20 for shipping).


Banc 2Garden Bench
Extremely practical, this 100% recycled plastic garden bench from the Cascades Urbain DesignMC series can be mixed and matched with any outdoor setting! Its main material is a state-of-the-art amalgamation of post-consumer and post-industrial recycled plastic called UltraplastMC. This is the ideal accessory for a relaxed and comfortable outdoor setting! Available in olive green, walnut or sand ($315 and $20 for shipping).


table 3Plastic Patio Table
Made with rugged, durable materials, this plastic patio table from the Cascades Urbain DesignMC series will stand up to any meteorological mood swings. The perfect blend of elegant design and durability, it’s the ideal accessory for an outdoor breakfast or sun soaked afternoon of reading. Available in olive green, walnut or sand ($120 and $15 for shipping).



Green by Nature
All products available at the Cascades’ e-boutique fully represent the company’s fundamental values of providing affordable, sustainable products to Canadian consumers. Made from 100% post-consumer and post-industrial recycled plastic, the outdoor furniture is maintenance-free and requires no paint or environmentally harmful toxic staining.

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It’s so easy to be green

While doing the laundry keeps clothes looking crisp and clean, the actual process can leave the environment a little less spotless. A typical top-loading washer uses approximately 100-150 litres of water per load, and a dryer can use up to five kilowatts of electricity per hour.  This, coupled with the chemicals found in some traditional detergents, can make laundry a dirty job. 

And while many Canadians are looking to green up their laundry routines, the never-ending list of daily to-dos, high price tags on eco-friendly products and confusing product labels can easily derail even the best intentions to go green.  Contrary to popular myth, adopting eco-friendly habits in the home does not require a total lifestyle overhaul.

With the introduction of Green Works natural laundry detergent, available on store shelves now, Canadians can green up and clean up their laundry routines in no time flat.  Made from naturally-derived cleaning ingredients, Green Works natural laundry detergent is an easy, affordable way for families to go green without completely altering their lifestyle or emptying their wallets to do it.

From ketchup and mustard to grape juice and red wine, Green Works natural laundry detergent tackles tough stains with the power you would expect from a traditional cleaner but cleans without leaving a harsh chemical residue.  Even better, the detergent is dermatologist-tested making it a great choice for families with young infants or children with sensitive skin.

This year, make green a priority in your house, starting with the laundry room.  For more information and tips from Sarah Richardson on going green in your household visit



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