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The Love of Sun and Earth 
By: Jane MacLean

  Once long ago before life began, the lord of the universe was known as Sun. Sun was big, mighty, strong, radiant and full of energy. He was admired for his power and strength. A young maiden named Earth, spent her time circling Sun seeking his affection.

  Sun had great tenderness for Earth and he showed his love by warming her with his radiant beams of light. However, as much as Sun wanted to be close to his love, he knew that if Earth came too close, she would burn to death from his fiery flames. Sun told Earth never to move close to him. For protection, he created a lady of the sky named Axis to keep Earth on a continual route, distant enough from Sun that he could not cause her any harm.

  Poor Earth never knew of the danger and so she cried over her longed love. Sun created a companion for Earth to reflect his light upon her when he was not there, Earth’s companion was named Moon. He then created billions of children which he named stars, to hang in the sky with Moon to sparkle love towards Earth. Although Earth enjoyed the companionship of Moon and was comforted by the stars, her love for Sun was still very strong.

  One day while Earth was circling her route around Sun she wondered to herself why he would never let her go near him. She escaped from Axis and advanced towards Sun. As she proceeded closer she became hot. Her land became dry and her water bodies began to flood as her polar ice caps melted.

  When Sun realized what was happening he roared loud, crackles of anger, that Earth had disobeyed him. Bolts of light escaped from him and great tears of sadness poured out of him as he thought about the fierce storm brewing up on Earth. Puffs of anger blew out of his nose. They caught the tears which were pouring out of his eyes and floated towards Earth.

  As they came closer the puffs started to melt and Sun’s tears fell upon the surface of Earth and they calmed the raging firestorm. As the storm cleared from Earth she moved back to Axis. She then realized why she could never be close to Sun.

Occasionally, Sun blows puffs of anger and tears upon Earth. His roars can be heard from the sky as bolts of his light can be seen escaping from him, reminding Earth never to draw near him again.

Jane MacLean is an author of many children’s literature



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